Blog Purpose: Find the Right Light to Improve Your Photography

Tree with fog or mist backlit sunbeams beams and rays of sun light


Everyone has a passion. Photography is mine. My goal is to always Find the Right Light for each photo I am creating.  The right light may be natural light; or it could be a carefully controlled studio strobe system; or it might be just a little fill light with a reflector or a small camera flash.  Whatever photo I’m trying to create, the right light is out there. I just need to Find the Right Light and then use it.

The purpose of this website is for me to describe how to Find the Right Light. Mostly, I will use actual photographs I have taken to show you what the right light looks like and how powerful your photographs can be when you use it.

I will share techniques and experiences and actual photographs to help you lean about finding the right light. I plan on learning and growing through this experience and hope that you do the same. We can both be better photographers.

Rugged mountains with snow, stormy sky, and field of grass

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